Notes on SaaS Multitenancy

Planted: 2024-05-30
Last tended: 2024-05-30

These are notes based on the article: Ultimate guide to multi-tenant SaaS data modeling

The top most level is organization (since it is naming, it can be called other things but will be referred to as organization in this case - which also makes sense for users).

Three models

Data modeling:

User login sessions

Three implementations with varying degrees of complexity and challenges it solves.

  1. Basic
  2. Mid
  3. Ultimate

User sign up flow

  1. Direct signup
  2. Invitation

Role-based access controls



Three types of settings:

  1. Organization settings - Store it on the organization table
  2. User settings at org level (ex: notifications) - Store it on the membership table
  3. User settings at global level (ex: dark mode) - Store it on the user table

This post is basically notes from reading the Ultimate guide to multi-tenant SaaS data modeling article.

The article further references:

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