Hey there!

My name is Ramkarthik Krishnamurthy and I'm an engineer, maker, and writer - in that order. I work as a software engineer, I make things on the side, and then I write occasionally (although I plan to write more).

This is my digital home - the essays and notes are my digital garden.

I code at work. I also code for fun.

Coding happens to be my passion. My wife thinks I'm working too much because it's hard to tell whether I'm coding for work or working on a side project.

I have created a few side projects. There's a chance you've never used or even heard of any of it. That's because I stick to the developer stereotype. I don't market my side projects. Nevertheless, here they are...



Writing is thinking. I used to take writing seriously, that anything I publish should be the perfect piece, should stand the test of time. That's never the case. I almost stopped writing because of that pressue.

So that’s what this blog is. I write here about thoughts I have, things I’m working on, stuff I’ve read, experiences I’ve had, and so on. Whenever a thought crystalizes in my head, I type it up and post it here. I don’t read over it, I don’t show it to anyone, and I don’t edit it — I just post it.

I don’t consider this writing, I consider this thinking. I like sharing my thoughts and I like hearing yours and I like practicing expressing ideas, but fundamentally this blog is not for you, it’s for me. I hope that you enjoy it anyway.

- Aaron Swartz

So... this is my blog where I write thoughts and express my ideas. Following Maggie Appleton's idea of digital garden, every piece of writing will follow the three stages: SEEDLING → BUDDING → EVERGREEN

The notes specifically start as a seedling and they will be updated over time as I read more and put more thought into it. This eases the pressure to write only fully formed thoughts.

With that, here are some of my writings:


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